Manchester, Washington

Position 1
Next Election: 2019

The Board of Commissioners meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and typically schedule additional strategy sessions in the fall. Each Board member serves a six-year term, and receives only the minimum monthly meeting fee as compensation. Their willingness to work together to govern effectively, benefits current and future District customers and community members.

A lifelong resident of Manchester, Jim began serving on the Board in December of 1995. Now in his twenty-first year, his dedication to our community continues to benefit us all.

Position 3
Next Election: 2021

Position 2
Next Election: 2023


Paul Drotz

James Strode

Steve, another lifelong resident, is carrying on the family tradition of service to the community. In addition to serving as our commissioner, he also dedicates his time to  other community groups.

As our most recent addition to the Board, Paul was appointed to fill a vacancy in April of 2014, and was recently elected to his position. He brings a wealth of administrative experience and has adapted quickly to his new role.

Steve Pedersen