Manchester, Washington

Ask an adult to print the

"The Water Cycle" page so you can color the different parts of the hydrologic cycle. 

Water is all around us and is always moving. We call this movement "The Water Cycle". Most of the rain that falls from the sky runs into rivers and streams down to lakes. Some of the rain sinks into the ground and ends up in an aquifer. The water in the lakes then evaporates into the air to form clouds. The clouds make rain and the cycle begins again. Here in Manchester, the water company pumps clean water out of the aquifer using wells drilled deep, deep, deep under ground, and from there it pushes the water to your house through big pipes. 


Water is a precious resource, that we all need to protect, so we must conserve whenever possible. Click on the pictures below for fun games and great ideas on

how you, and your family, can start saving water today!