About Manchester Water District


What is Manchester Water District?
Manchester Water District (District) is a non-profit community-owned water purveyor formed under Washington State Law (RCW Chapter 57). Its primary mission is to provide clean, safe, and reliable water service to its customers. The District does not levy any taxes to operate the water system.  The District charges user fees. These fees include a base-rate charge, commodity (water usage) charge, and street light charges in some areas. In addition, the District charges various fees (time, materials, and overheads) for other services rendered. These charges are detailed in a published Schedule of Fees & Charges.

A bit of history...
To ensure access to drinking water, local citizens formed Manchester Water District in 1942. The District began building its system after WWII following the formation of a Utility Local Improvement District. Construction began in 1946 with the drilling of two production wells. Both of these wells are still in use today. While the original District served only Manchester Village, today we serve a large retail service area bordering Beaver Creek Road to the north, Woods Road to the west, and Banner/Sedgwick junction to the southwest.

Who makes decisions for Manchester Water District on behalf of the community?
The District is governed by an elected three-member Board of Commissioners and staffed by seven employees. An annual budget is established and adopted by the Board of Commissioners. This document becomes the operating guideline for District activities during the fiscal year. In addition, the District prepares, certifies, and files a comprehensive financial report to the Washington State Auditor’s office each year as required by law.

Did you know?
Manchester Water District serves nearly 10,000 people in the unincorporated areas of Manchester, South Colby, Harper, and Southworth. It delivers over 200 million gallons of water annually through a distribution system of over 32 miles of piping, 11 wells, 5 reservoirs, 3 booster stations, and 360 public and private hydrants for fire protection. In conjunction with water delivery, the District operates street lighting systems in various portions of its service territory.

What a lovely smile you have…
In 1969, area residents voted to fluoridate District supplied water. The American Dental Association endorsed the fluoridation of community water supplies as a safe and effective measure for preventing tooth decay.

Information coming your way
The Board of Commissioners and staff of Manchester Water District strive to keep our customers informed about their water district through periodic newsletters and the Annual Water Quality Report.

Your District, Your voice
If you would like to learn more about Manchester Water District, you are encouraged to attend any of our regularly scheduled public meetings. They are held the second Tuesday of each month at the Manchester Library, 8067 E. Main Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366.

Water Quality & Service Questions?
For water quality and service related questions, please contact us at (360) 871-0500, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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