The Water Calculator compares your water use to a similar average and efficient house in your region.  The Calculator estimates the energy savings and carbon footprint of your hot water usage, and helps identify specific areas for improving overall household water efficiency. Water conservation is easy and the Water Calculator gets you started right away!

Over half of residential water is used outdoors!
Check for leaks, sprinkler head misalignments, broken pipes, and other irrigation system problems monthly. Also reset your irrigation timers four times a year as the seasons change and remember to turn off the system during rainy periods. Most lawns need only 1 inch of water each week, spread over 2 or 3 waterings, to stay green during Northwest summers, and only half that much in September!


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Adjust sprinklers so they are not spraying water on paved surfaces such as the sidewalk or driveway.

If watering with a hose, make sure it has a shut-off nozzle.

Use native plants that require little water to thrive in our region.

Water in the morning to prevent water loss due to evaporation.

Be certain your irrigation system is properly set up and maintained.

Regularly inspect sprinkler heads to make sure they are not damaged or malfunctioning.

Scatter tuna cans or other straight-sided containers on your lawn, turn on the sprinkler, and check the time. When most cans have 1 inch of water in them, turn off the sprinkler and check how long it ran. Then you know how long to run your sprinkler each week in summer, if you want to keep your lawn green!